redcoral HDL is continuously developing innovative products to help improve your fresh and saltwater systems. In comparison to the pristine habitats where many of our aquarium fishes are found, the closed environment of the aquarium is far from natural.

One of the most limiting factors of the aquarium is the lack of water exchange. In nature coral reefs, rivers and lakes are under a constant influx of fresh water. In a closed system nutrients are used up, or build up, causing an imbalance that can lead to excessive nitrate levels, unwanted algae growth, and other more serious problems.

Check out the following technical pages for solutions to some of the most common problems of today's aquatic systems.

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24 Hour Cycle (Jack's Speech)

Aerobic Nitrate Reduction



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BIOCHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND What is BOD or BCOD? BCOD is BIOCHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND. Now that says a lot does it not? Nope!

Caulerpa taxifolia x mediterranean Kudzu of the Oceans In the late 1800's, Japan imported a fast growing vine to the United States for the Japanese display for the World Fair. Since that time, this vine has covered the South.

AIR, OXYGEN AND CARBON DIOXIDE In the aquarium field, many tanks are made to run silent, run deep. This is fine, if the manufacturers and hobbyists are thinking like U-Boot Commanders, rather then the welfare of their fish and invertebrates.