greenliyHDL Environmental Products
HDL is dedicated to the production of top of the line environmental products.

None of HDL’s products contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or cancer-causing ingredients, nor are they derived from cancer-causing compounds. And all our products are 100% biodegradable. The following we offer:

Our different bacteria are used for many purposes, oil spills, Growth enhances for Tomatoes*, Septic tank cleaners, Filamentous (Hair) Algae Controls, General micro algae Control, Sulphur Degrading, Mosquito Control*, Metal reduction, and Odor control, our NEW 24 HOUR TOTALLY AEROBIC NITROGEN CYCLE BACTERIA. Ammonia/Ammonium, Nitrite and Nitrate (aerobic, no H2S, SO2 or CH4 produced) removal etc. Our bacteria keep working after enzymes are exhausted. We custom make bacteria. All 103 bacteria strains are freeze-dried until ready for use. This allows you a longer shelf life. Our dry form averages 5 billion organism per gram of material. (*Sold only out of country.)

SUPER DUPPER! enhances the growth rate of our bacteria. Thus, the time reduction in the field saves you money. Bio-firms who used our accelerate have reduced bacteria growing time from 10 days to only 2 days. It produces bacterial colonies up to 1 X 1045 in 24 hours at 25 C. NOT TO BE USED with aquatic livestock.

BACTERIA SUPER SOIL is an excellent way to destroy hydrocarbons in the soil. BACTERIA SUPER SOIL induces bacterial growth when used with our SUPER DUPPER! for colonies to 109+. BACTERIA SUPER SOIL is simple to apply. Mix with water and spray on, or use dry and sprinkle on top of the soil. Use only 100-250 pounds per acre. Cost effective. Used in farming, hydroponics and Nursery applications to increase crop production. Drastically represses fungi growth. Used in aquaculture for the same purpose. It produces bacterial colonies up to 1 X 1046 in 24 hours at 25 C. Also contains 149 trace elements for excellent bacteria and plant growth.

Granulated, powder, pelletized and Tri Base Pelletize High Activated Carbon for air, water and solvent recovery. Our assorted carbon materials are used for numerous functions. Aquatic culture and toxic waste bio-reduction, certain of our carbons perform as a bacterial platform. Others are employed for absorbents, industry, commercial, gold extraction, medical, and military applications. Activity (CTC) ranges from 65+ to 110. Surface areas range from 1050+ m2 per gram to 1500+ m2 per gram. Bacteria counts per gram are from 1 x 109 to 1 x 1011 vs silica sand or anthracite coal which support population densities of 1 x 106 to 1 x 107.

ECHOSORB removes the following gases from air:
Ammonia, Helium, Water, Hydrogen, Nitric Oxide, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Oil, Argon, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Cyclopropane, n-Butane, Propane, Formaldehyde, Freon-11 and Freon-12.
We are formulating a machine which recharges ECHOSORB on site for gas adsorption. The gas is easily and safely recovered, then recycled. Applications include air filtration for hotels, restaurants, sewer plants, petroleum plants, air conditioning ammonia removal, toxic waste sites, etc.

GOTCHA captures and separates all oils in salt and fresh water. GOTCHA is rechargeable with HDL's products. Very cost effective. Can be used over and over again.

HYDROCARBON DESTROYER works where other products fail. HYDROCARBON DESTROYER destroys hydrocarbons. HYDROCARBON DESTROYER breaks the long hydrocarbon chains and leaves smaller compounds that can be rendered Non-Detectable by our bacteria. Removes oil and grease from machinery, and cooking oil. Excellent for cleaning oil spills on work floors. Even removes tire tracks off concrete, and airplane tire tracks from concrete runways and aboard aircraft carriers.

HYDROCARBON DESTROYER BOOSTER is used when you are faced with heavy-duty, thick, nasty hydrocarbons. Mix a small amount (4%) with our HYDROCARBON DESTROYER and it vastly increases the destroying power.

HDL's CARBON AND CARBONATOR CLEANER contains no solvents, or VOCs, and is non flammable! Cleaning carbonators, fuel injectors is now a snap. Soak the problem piece over night, or boil the piece on a stove. There are no toxic fumes. Presently used by Canadian Air Lines in Canada. HDL's CARBON AND CARBONATOR CLEANER is under testing by the United States Military.


  • After cleaning there will be no smells, and your carpets will become very soft.
  • Gets rid of static electricity.
  • Super concentrated formula removes cat and dog urine and defecation smells.
  • When cleaning carpets from dirt, dog or cat urine or stains, use 2 ounces of Non-Bleach Bleach with 4 ounces of Soft & Fresh Carpet Cleaner per gallon of water. Your smells and stains will disappear.