No Streaks! ®
Glass, Plastic and Aluminum Polisher and Cleaner
Glass is formed by elemental selenium, by the oxides of boron, germanium, silicon, and the elements of group 5, by the borates of the alkali metals, the phosphates of cadmium and the silicates of the alkali and alkaline earth metals lead and aluminum.

Glass, when manufactured, is in a liquid phase. While cooling, the outer surface cools faster than the inner, leaving a deposit of the constituents in the form of a Microscopic Rough Surface.

One of the ingredients of HDL's No Streaks! formula both penetrates and reduces the rough surface. Thus the glass cleaner in its first application takes the peaks off the rough surface, and subsequently at each cleaning reduces the MRS value of the glass surface, until after the third cleaning it is microscopically smooth, and does not have the capability to trap and retain dirt. Thus, it looks cleaner and stays clear longer. Another ingredient has anti-bacterial properties which reduces the breeding of house flies in the corner areas of windows where normal window cleaning compounds contribute to nitrogen waste.

No Streaks! is safe to use on plex and glass aquariums, and REPTILE cages.

Uses include the cleaning of auto glass, plastic surfaces, aluminum door and window frames (will not attack anodized aluminum or painted surfaces), cut glass, mirrors and glass fixtures. As the product is NON-TOXIC, it is therefore ideal for washing drinking glasses, glass food containers, etc. This is the only product that has been found not to fog Plexiglas. Is currently used by installers of bulletproof Plexiglas glass in banks and used by the US NAVY ON FIGHTER JETS!

It is made from all NATURAL ingredients, NON-TOXIC, USER FRIENDLY (NO AMMONIA or Alcohol ), and BIODEGRADABLE.