pH Adjustment Rock ®
(available in 34 lb. format)

For use in Salt or Freshwater, The pH Adjustment Rock has 28 trace elements (not strontium) and has plenty of CaCO3 and MgCO3 for all corals.

When it dissolves, one just adds more. Its size is 1 to 1.5 inches and is mixed.

The amount of pH Adjustment Rock required to elevate your pH can be calculated according to this formula:
.5 X gallons = 8.4 pH
.6 X gallons = 8.6 pH

pH Adjustment Rock will raise Calcium levels to over 400ppm and also elevate Alkalinity levels.

How to Use pH Adjustment Rock
This is VERY IMPORTANT! The pH rock MUST be placed directly behind the Tri Base Pelletized Carbon (TBPC). The reason for this is that the acid from the bacteria is the highest at that point and reacts with the pH rock. IF you do not place the pH rock behind the TBPC, the reaction will not be complete. Just hanging it in a bag in the sump will not hack it. It has been tried in all ways, and this is the way it works.