Instant Ammonia Destroyer ®
(available in 1, 10, and 50 lb. packages)

IAD is ideal for the transport, shipping and receiving of tropical fish and invertebrates, as well as emergency situations. IAD should be used whenever Ammonia levels in the water threaten to kill fish and need to be removed quickly.

  • IAD instantly destroys Ammonia in 5-15 seconds.
  • Drastically reduces mortality in shipping and receiving.
  • Helps relieve stress for both fish and invertebrates.
  • Safe for fresh, brackish and saltwater.
  • Contains electrolytes to increase slime coat production
  • Nullifies heavy metals
  • Fish can be packed tighter, lowering freight costs.
  • Use in water above pH 7, when ammonia is toxic.

IAD is ideal to destroy ammonia when receiving fish. After the bags are opened and an airstone is placed in each box, add only 1 or 2 teaspoons to the BOX with the shipping water. Place air stone in the box to stir the water at the same time. WARNING: This dosage is based on the amount required for one BOX BAG containing 10 to 14 liters of shipping water. IAD will immediately remove all ammonia after it has circulated throughout the water in the box. Ammonia already present in the blood and gills of the fish is instantly removed as soon as the chemical comes into contact with the fish and is circulated in the fish blood stream. Wait several minutes until fish show no signs of stress and begin to swim normally. Now, after acclamation with your water, transfer the fish to the holding tanks. This method greatly reduces losses within the first 24 hours after arrival of the fishes. The fish are prevented from bringing ammonia from the shipping water into their holding tanks, reducing strain on the system. Sensitive species acclimatized this way show immediate improvement and appetite.

Simply add IAD to the shipping water. One teaspoon will generally keep a box with 150 aquarium fish safe and free of ammonia for a shipping period of 24 hours depending upon the outside temperature. Larger or more densely packed fish will need higher dosages. In our experience most fish transport best with a small amount of Methylene blue and a mild antibiotic added to the shipping water. IAD is used by many professional aquarists to transfer fish in the field, by wholesalers, and by public aquariums.