Right Now! Bacteria ®
The New 24 Hour TOTALLY AEROBIC Nitrification Cycle That Keeps Fish Alive!

(U.S. Patent Number 6,025,152 - Foreign Patents pending)
(available for 25 and 60 gallon aquariums in 1 lb. and 20 lb. bulk size for both fresh and saltwater)

  • Stored correctly has an 5 year shelf life. No more spoilage on your shelf. More happy customers.
  • Very easy to use. Follow our easy protocol.
  • Right Now! only needs to be used once!
  • Add fish five minutes after adding Right Now!
  • Bio-resistant to Killer Copper and 7 other heavy metals, Dosages of Methylene Blue and Malachite Green will not kill Right Now!
  • Consumes Phosphates.
  • Safe to use in Reef and Non-Reef tanks.
  • Allows you to set up your tank or pond in One Day! No longer must you wait 4 to 6 weeks to cycle your tank. (see: Aerobic Nitrate Reduction & 24 Hour Cycle for full details how to cycle your tank in 24 hours.)
  • Costs less to ship. No water weight.
  • Can be added to existing aquariums and ponds when following our protocol, with positive effects.
  • Right Now! is laboratory proven to reduce Nitrates - Aerobically, the only product on the market to do so.
  • Why use something that works half the time when Right Now! works all the time.

On The Correct Use of RIGHT NOW BACTERIA

Q: Can I add the Right Now Bacteria before the fish are picked up?
A: The bacteria needs to have some animals producing ammonia in the tank to get started. So the bacteria should be added when either fish or invertebrates are in the aquarium, or have just been placed in the aquarium.

Q: Will Right Now harm my fish or corals if they eat it?
A: It is safe for fish, all invertebrates and corals and other forms of life in tanks that have been running for years or have just been set up. The matrix that the bacteria is packaged with may be eaten by animals in the tank. This is harmless to the animals and a good food source for them.

Q: Do I have to change the water after I add the bacteria?
A: The bacteria may cloud the tank for several minutes and parts of the matrix may show in your filter or sink to the bottom of your tank this is also harmless and does not need to be removed. There is no need to change the water.

Q: How do I add Right Now to my tank?
A: Open the bottle when you are ready to add the bacteria and pour the contents directly on the surface of the aquarium, or (even better) mix the contents with a cup of aquarium water first and then pour the mixture in the tank.

Q: Will my UV sterilizer or Protein skimmer prevent Right Now from working properly?
A: Make sure that the UV sterilizer (if you have one) is unplugged for 24 hours. UV light will likely kill any bacteria passing through it. In marine tanks make sure to also stop the protein skimmer for 24 hours to ensure that the bacteria does not get filtered out.

Q: How long will it take before my cycle is started and how can I tell?
A: The bacteria will colonize your filter immediately and begin to break down nitrogen compounds, and start your tanks nitrogen cycle. Some test kits measure several forms of ammonia and may give readings that are higher than they actually are. If Nitrate is present in your system, and is not in your tap water your cycle is completed. This should be measurable in 24-48 hours.

Q: What can I do to make sure that the bacteria will perform well in my system?
A: Remember that filtration in your tanks is all about the available surface area. The more surface area is available to colonize the more efficient your filtration system will be. Filters that are clogged with fines or very dirty become anoxic and will no longer function properly.

Q: I need to treat my tank with anti-biotics or other medications - will it harm the bacteria?
A: Yes, it is always best to do a large volume water change of around 50% after treatment is completed then add some fresh activated carbon after the water change to remove any residues of the medication. This is important to make sure that pathogens do not develop resistance to low levels of the medication you were using. It is best to then add Right Now Bacteria to re-colonize the filter.

Q: How many times an hour must my water cycle through the filter?
A: The water turn over through your filter in your tank must be between "no less than 6 times and hour and no more than 10 times an hour."

Q: Can I use Right Now Bacteria for nitrate reduction alone?
A: For nitrate reduction you must use the proper amount of Tri Base Carbon with the Right Now Bacteria.

Q: Can I use the normal filtration for my tank?
A: Any power heads must break the surface to ensure elevated O2 in your tank, and the returning water from your filter must not be under the water but above the tank water to ensure to drive off the the CO2 - which will be replaced with the O2. Otherwise your fish will die.

Q: How much Right Now should I use on an existing tank?
A: If adding to an existing tank use only 1/2 to 1/4 of Right Now Bacteria in your tank.