Non-Bleach Bleach ®
(available in 1 lb. format)

  • Environmentally Safe and Non-Polluting. It contains no chlorine and does not produce cancer-causing compounds.
  • Attacks organics 3,600 times faster than liquid bleach.
  • No strong odors, yet is a very powerful oxidant.
  • When cleaning carpets from dirt, dog or cat urine or stains, use 2 ounces of Non-Bleach Bleach with 4 ounces of Soft & Fresh Carpet Cleaner (see Environmental Products>) per gallon of water. Your smell and stain will disappear.
  • May be used in kennels, runs, and anywhere a potent oxidant is needed. Use a 1/4 cup per gallon of hot water.
  • May be used as an all fabric dry bleach. Use only 1/8 cup (one once) per load. Add with detergent.
  • May be used as a presoak. For bad stains use 1/8 cup per gallon of hot water. Soak garments overnight. Always test the fabric before using.
  • In the kitchen, wet stained counters and sinks. Sprinkle on surface and scrub with a damp sponge or cloth. It is wise to use gloves.
  • In the garage and patio, use 1/4 cup per gallon to wash garbage cans. Pour hot solution on driveway stains, then scrub with a broom and let it work.
  • Is an excellent wood cleaner. To remove molds and fungus, or to bleach the wood, use a very hot solution of 1/4 cup per gallon to scrub unpainted wooden surfaces.