"I have been using HDL's Tri-Based Pellitized carbon as well as Right Now for almost 4 years. Results for me have been nothing short of spectacular. My 180g fish only tank cycled within 24 hours with the carbon and bacteria used as directed. Trace element blox were added to maintain mineral and electrolyte balance. This system of filtration almost makes the water "disappear" it is that crystal clear. Despite the heavy biological load of a fish only aquarium nitrates have remained close to ZERO. Sparkling Aqua has aided in algae control. My skimmer output has been minimal with Right Now Tri-Based combination because of the rapid detoxification of nitrogenous wastes. Even nitrite and ammonia sensitive fish are easy to keep. Of course, water changes continue to be important in this as well as any other closed system. The growth of the fish has been impressive and their appetites voracious. Clown fish have spawned multiple times in my system, even though it is a community tank. In my 30 years experience, it is rare that products even come close to meeting their reported expectation. The HDL combo of Tri-Base carbon and right now bacteria has truly exceeded my expectation...it just works and works and works...this product has been a welcome method of fish keeping based on science, experience and practicality."
JK, M.D.

Dear Hiatt,
I am writing to thank you for all of your advice and to praise your wonderful products. I started my 200 gal reef aquarium about 10 1/2 months ago. Not very long when you consider what all I went through.

In the beginning I had no patience, I could not wait to fill my aquarium with magnificent corals and Sea Anemones. I got into trouble with ick (white spot) and red slime algae. I must be blessed because I found your products. I started with Tri-Base Pelletized Carbon and everything started clearing up right away. Then I added Right Now Bacteria and the biology of the tank started working. The live sand and the live rock, I had previously purchased, just did not live up to their advertisement.
Right Now Bacteria corrected all of that. Now I am also using PH Adjustment Rock and Sea Lab Trace Element Blox. This combination has worked for me. The PH of my tank is now stable, no ups and downs. The Calcium level is staying at 400 ppm.
No ammonia, nitrates or nitrites. The aquarium is a breeze to maintain. I have 11 fish and over 20 hard and soft corals, plus both blue and red mushrooms with new little ones showing up regularly. Plus an elephant ear mushroom which is in the process of dividing. And I had six Sea Anemones until last night, 1 rose bubble tip, 1 Haitian anemone, 1 Australian Wrath (Red Rose), 1 Macrodactyla (long Tentacle) and 2 Heteractis Magnifica (long tentacle) - last night one divided and now I have 3. Thanks to your advice and your products my Salt Water Reef Aquarium is more fun than I ever imagined.

Gary Case

(PHOTOS: The first photo shows the tank as it started out (March, 2002). The 2nd and 3rd photos show the tank 4 months later (July, 2002), after using the Hiatt products mentioned above.)




"In twelve business years I have never seen products quite like this. At first I was skeptical. I'd heard claims from other products, only to be disappointed. Not this time! After using Hiatt's products in my show reef tank for only one month, the results were clear – no nitrates, no phosphates and all my corals are thriving! Finally, products that do live up to their name!"
• Carl Byxbee, Aquatic Life, (Retailer) Stuart, FL

"Last week, using the Hiatt method and Hiatt products, I completely cycled two freshwater tanks and one saltwater system in 24 hours.The first tank was a 75-gallon discus tank. The second tank was a 125-gallon cichlid tank. The system was a 800-gallon saltwater system. I have lost no fish, and they are eating like hogs. The water is crystal clear and there is no smell. After checking my readings today, they are: zero ammonia, zero nitrites, and zero nitrates. This stuff works when you follow their directions. I used the bacteria only once!"
Gina Kamai ATM, (Aquarium Systems Manufacture) Las Vegas, NV
702-387 2016

"My collection stations are in Bali, Indonesia and the Red Sea. I sell to wholesalers and retailers. In December, 1997 I had one week to expand my operation. I used Hiatt's products as per their instructions. On the first of January I received a shipment of fish valued at more than $22,000 (my cost) and placed them in my new system. Our system cycled in 24 hours. The only fish we lost were the ones dying in the bags. This year (1998), I again expanded our invertebrate system. It cycled in 24 hours. With Hiatt products, my pH remains stable with no deadly ammonia spikes. I receive between $28,000 to $35,000 dollars of fish weekly. I know I have excellent fish, because my people catch them and only ship the best. But no matter how good your fish are, if you hold them in a system that is bad, they will die! We do not have any more problems with bad water, because we are using the Hiatt 24-Hour Method."
• Brian Chou, HIGH BRIGHT USA (Wholesaler) Gardena, CA 90247