HDL Products
HDL manufactures aquarium and environmental products that are at the leading edge of water technology. HDL products will provide you with a safe, stable environment for your pets.

None of HDL’s products contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or cancer-causing ingredients, nor are they derived from cancer-causing compounds. And all our products are 100% biodegradable.

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Tri Base Carbon
– For aquarium and pond use.

Metal Gone – An ideal filter additive for breeders of sensitive species.

Hair Algae Remover – Used by many in the aquarium trade to adsorb phosphorous to reduce algae in ponds and aquariums.

Moisture Gone – The most powerful and versatile desiccant on the market today.

Chloradsorb – Establishes an environment for all fish and invertebrates.

Saltwater Phosphate Reducer.

Instant Ammonia Destroyer – Ideal for the transport, shipping and receiving of tropical fish and invertebrates.

Right Now! Bacteria – Allows you to set up your tank or pond in 1 day!

Hiatt's Super Soap – Instantly changes and emulsifies all types of greases, fats, and oils into a soft detergent.

Non-Bleach Bleach – A very powerful oxidant that attacks organics 3,600 times faster than liquid bleach.

No Streaks! – A glass, plastic and aluminum polisher and cleaner.

pH Rock – For use in Salt or Freshwater.

Trace Element Blox – Adds trace elements to the tank automatically.

Environmental Products – A selection of our unique enviornmental products.

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